Luca and Mark standing casually on the snow

Luca has been training on and off the slopes and getting stronger. He’s committed. He had good results in GS open Mammoth race in December with a 4th and 3rd place for u16’s. It was not a qualifying race but good for his moral.

Early January back to Mammoth with SL qualifier DNF, bad fall and ER visit. All good now, no broken bones, 2 weeks off snow and back this weekend for SL qualifier for our regionals in Alaska in March.

We had a pack of 111 boys open race (mid pack start) he ended up 7th or 8th on Saturday and 5th u16 on Sunday, making the podium and a high five from Mark Engels.

This week team switches gear for GS and speed to get ready for next races.

If he keeps up school work he will get to spend a week in VT and train with GMVS and KMS? Will see. 1st week of march.

Including some images from this weekend

Thank you!

I just wanted you to know that your support is appreciated:)

Luca during a ski race
Luca wearing his winner's medal