Luca skiing a race


I wanted to share another small update on the happenings of Luca’s ski season.

Last weekend we had our final qualifying races with some Super G races. Of course when speed events occur so does the snowfall apparently. With Friday’s race cancellation, the postponed on Saturday they finally ran 2 races back to back on Sunday.

As Luca calls it “Revenge of the Smalls” (125 pounds wet) he ended up in 3rd position and 7th for the 2nd race.
This concludes our qualifying portion for the division and he accomplished his 1st goal of the season of getting top 3 and qualifying for regionals in the top skiers.

Now we try to round up funds for the trip at end of month to Alaska.

He wants to do well with the best of the Western Region, who knows Nationals in his age group?  I tell him to keep realistic goals but he is still very much fired up. onward.

I sent him to the east coast this week with my dad who is a coach.  He will train with a couple of ski academies, KMS and GMVS and will get to race Slalom there in an open race on Saturday. Opening his eyes to something bigger or different. There is no snow this week, unlike Tahoe getting pounded right now!

Some images are included. Hopefully you enjoy reading about the young racers you support

thank you once again:)